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January 2012

Baby Reminder App for iPhone!

For those of you who have iPhones, check out the following link detailing the "Baby Reminder" app that can serve as a safety reminder for dropping off your child at daycare/preschool:

UPDATE: Daycare SUPPORTS Ray Ray's Pledge!

Friends, I would like to thank all who voiced their support for Ray Ray's Pledge.  After hearing from YOU, Childrens Center of Austin leadership has re-evaluated their decision and, thankfully, have decided to begin participating in our pilot program of Ray Ray's Pledge.  The center plans to rollout the program on Thursday!  Thanks so much to all who so passionately supported us and made this happen!  We cannot be successful without your continued support.  Again, many thanks for voicing your support for our program. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Daycare Support for Ray Ray's Pledge

Friends, it is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I inform you that I learned yesterday during a meeting with the owner of the Childrens Centers of Austin that she and the new management staff will not be working with Ray Ray's Pledge or actively promoting the program in her facilities.  It saddens me that this tragedy happened to a child in this very organization and yet the management chooses to make excuses for why they cannot support the program---busy with curricula, changing diapers, lesson planning, etc---as a parent I would argue that a child's life and safety are more important than any curriculum, but apparently Childrens Center of Austin thinks otherwise.  However, I would like to commend Ray Ray's former teachers who are still employed at CCOA and continue to support and implement our program, working tirelessly and often thanklessly to assure that the children for whom they care remain safe, both at school and on their commute to school. Thank you Wanda, Linda, Meri, Nikki, and Darlin!  We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication!