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Morning childcare drop-off:
a HIGH RISK time of day for heatstroke!

  • Ray Ray’s Pledge aims to prevent the #1 source of child hot car deaths:  forgotten childcare drop-off, with those absent children's whereabouts subsequently going unquestioned at the childcare facility.

  • It takes a village to raise a child, and good communication in this village is key to prevention of tragedy! ONE phone call CAN save a child's life!

  • Ray Ray’s Pledge is designed to create a safety net surrounding a child’s morning drop-off time at daycare---a HIGH RISK time of day for CHILD HOT CAR DEATHS---a time when parents may be vulnerable to stress-induced memory failure, especially if there is a CHANGE in ROUTINE, as history has proven from our story as well as the stories of more than 100 other known families who also never imagined that this could happen to them.

  • This CAN happen to YOU! Don’t be the next victim!  

  • By signing the pledge, you are committing to a permanent behavior change:  keeping your child’s teacher informed of any planned changes in morning drop off.  

  • In exchange, your child’s teacher is committing to you that he/she will act as your guardian angel by calling you if your child does not arrive on time and a planned tardiness/absence has not already been communicated. 

  • Your daycare provider may elect to charge a penalty for any false alarm phone calls to preserve the integrity of this safety net!
The first and most important step relies on YOU:  please communicate planned absences to the teachers so that they can provide an effective safety net to your family when one is needed. DO NOT allow yourselves to become a statistic!  MAKE THE PLEDGE, and take it seriously.  The risk of heatstroke is too often an unheeded risk to child safety, one that we learned of after it was too late.

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