Ray Ray's Pledge Heatstroke Prevention infographic 2014
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Ray Ray's Pledge heatstroke pledgecard 2014Ray Ray's Pledge Heatstroke Pledgecard 2014_backside

SNSS Car Seat Alarms
(I never transport our twins without using my smartphone app-based SSNSS alarm; when used appropriately these alarms can be a helpful part of your child transport safety plan.  Click on logo for more details:)
link to suddenly safe 'n secure systems child carseat alarm product order page and website to prevent child vehicular heatstroke. Alarm makes a great baby shower gift idea. We use one for each of Ray Ray's sisters and have been very satisfied with the product.
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SSNSS Safety Seat Alarm System
A Video about safety seat alarms.

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Ray Ray's Pledge Heatstroke Prevention Daycare poster

Ray Ray's Pledge Heatstroke Prevention Daycare poster2Gene Weingarten 2009:
Fatal Distraction
link to Gene Weingarten's Pulitzer Prize Winning heatstroke article from Washington Post 2009
John Archibald 2013: 
Monsters or mortals?
monsters or mortals 2013 child vehicular heatstroke article

Golden Gate Weather Services heatstroke website link. includes data on child hot car death locations, prevention tips.
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A Simulation of Rapid and Extreme Car Heating from Direct Sunlight
This video shows how quickly temperatures inside of a car can increase, putting anyone inside of that car at risk of injuries or even death caused by hyperthermia. Did you know that a childs body heat...
NHTSA's webpage for child vehicular heatstroke resources