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Precious Ray Ray
Enjoy Ray Ray's giggles one last time


Ray Ray's Pledge Child Hot Car Death (Heatstroke) Prevention Program Official Logo. Ray Ray's Pledge targets creating a daycare drop-off confirmation plan and absence verification system to prevent child vehicular heatstroke tragedies during the morning childcare drop-off.


Texas HB2574 Signed into Law! 
New Mandate Requiring Vehicular Heatstroke Education Prior to All Newborn Baby Discharges Goes into Effect September 1, 2015.  Vehicular heatstroke education will now join a list of essential new parent topics including Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), postpartum depression, shaken baby syndrome, immunization requirements, newborn screening requirements, and pertussis.

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child vehicular heatstroke safety: Ray Ray education law in Texas

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Ray Ray's Pledge is proud to introduce our updated 2015 Childcare Center Implementation Toolkit (available May 22)!  Contains EVERYTHING you need for your facility to                                                participate in Ray Ray's Pledge!

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Take ACTION to prevent child hot car deaths!

Ray Ray's Pledge: Daycare Heatstroke Prevention Pledge Card p2Ray Ray's Pledge: Daycare Heatstroke Prevention Pledge Card
Jan Null ggweatherservices.com/heat heatstroke vs airbags "What???? How could someone forget a child in the backseat? What kind of monster would do that?" you may be asking right now.... 

Contrary to public perception, the majority of child hot car deaths happen as a result of a responsible, loving parent unintentionally forgetting his/her precious cargo in the backseat (often a child in a rear-facing car seat and/ or sleeping; most frequently less than two years of age).  Unfortunately, children being forgotten in the backseat and subsequently dying of heatstroke represents an unintended consequence of placing our children in the backseat to avoid front passenger seat airbag deployment injuries----child vehicular heatstroke was practically unheard of prior to placing kids in the backseat, as illustrated by the above graph (courtesy of Jan Null, CCM).

Though the backseat is much safer for children in the event of a car crash, parents must be aware that this placement may increase their risk of forgetting their children due to diminished visibility and the potential for distractions while driving (eg: "out of sight, out of mind").  Thus, Ray Ray's Pledge strongly recommends that you create multiple safety nets/ arrival confirmation plans around your daily child transport activities to confirm arrival of your children at their intended destinations, ESPECIALLY if there is a change in routine (eg: someone different dropping child off at daycare, running late, new school/ preschool routines, traffic detours/ changes in traffic patterns).

Ray Ray's Pledge Heatstroke perception vs reality

  • Forgotten Daycare Drop-off is the #1 known source of child hot car deaths

  • These children were unintentionally forgotten in the backseat

  • Their whereabouts went unquestioned throughout the day

  • ONE phone call may have saved them

Ray Ray's Pledge Heatstroke Prevention

  • A child's body heats up 3-5 times faster than an adult body

  • The temperature inside a vehicle can increase by 40 degrees in less than an hour---EVEN when it's not hot outside!!!

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Heatstroke Awareness 2013
Think you would NEVER forget your child in the backseat? Think again! The price of being WRONG is TOO GREAT to leave to chance or to count on luck to save your child. Take ACTION to prevent child hot car deaths TODAY! 1. LOOK Before You LOCK; 2. Make a daycare drop-off confirmation plan; 3. call 911 if you see a child alone in a car.
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Ray Ray photo eating her favorite food, guacamole. taken approximately one week prior to her hot car death.
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